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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

tah lerr

when we first meet
you hold me close in your arms
your eyes tell me
how much you loves me more than just a words
you smile through night and day
as happy as i could ever dream
i'm longing to touch and kiss your warm softly lips
when it finally did, i knew i belonged in your arms
i have kiss you with all the tears
i hold you with all my love and heart
i meant every words i have said
i love you more than i could show
i love you with my heart and soul
love you more than you could ever know
soft, gently feelings of love
that i have from deep within me
your voice and your image is with me
and your love that i dream of
someone that would do anything for me
and i would do the same for you
just when i think of you, i just didn't know that
i would miss you as much as i do now
you have brought something into my life
love, tears, joy and good times that we share
ans yes......i love you more than you could ever know

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