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Monday, July 19, 2010

fOr tHe rEst oF mY lyfE...

i praise Allah for sending me you my love
you found your home and sail with me
and ihere with you came along
now let me let you know
you have opened my heart
i was always thinking that love was wrong
but everything changed when you came along
that a couple word i want to say
for the rest of my life
i'll be with you
i'll be stay by your side honest and true
till the end of my time
i'll loving you, loving you
for the rest of my life
thru days and night
i'll thank Allah for open my eyes
now and forever
i'll be there for you
i know it deep in my heart
i feel so blessed when i think of you
ans i asked Allah to bless all we do
now i find myself so strong
yes, everything changed when you came along...

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